Welcome to the page for SoulShine Kitchen!  You have found the heartfelt creation of Valerie Boulet and myself, Kara Davison.  We are two soul sisters who share the same passion and vision; to spread our love for whole delicious foods, and their healing powers, with you!

We believe by making the slightest changes in the foods you eat, you can change your life.  I know this seems like a bold statement; but, we stand by it!  Just by adding in raw green veggies, whole unprocessed foods and superfoods, your body begins to change, and your SOUL begins to SHINE.  You inherently, begin to crave more of the good and steer away from foods that make you feel not so good.

Here at SoulShine Kitchen, we are your biggest cheerleader!  We will inspire you to try new foods by offering you weekly recipes as well as suggest healing foods that you can add to the meals that you already create. 

 SoulShine Kitchen offers hands on workshops and classes, as well as cleansing/detox weeks throughout the year to get you started on the right path for feeling shiny.  Last but not least, we also offer our catering services for small groups and retreats.  Of course we have plans to expand and keep growing, but we want to wait a bit to share that ;)

 Thanks for taking the time to read all of this and we look forward to meeting you in person or in the land of virtual.


Much Love,

Val & Kara