Food of The Gods

There has been a lot of buzz around chocolate over the past few years.   Many articles are toting the amazing benefits of eating chocolate, and encouraging folks eat a piece or more of dark chocolate per day.  Well, as much as we all want to believe that it is ‘ok’ for us to go ahead and indulge, there is a small catch. (Of course!)

Eating chocolate is super healthy for you and has incredible attributes as a SUPERFOOD.  The thing is, it must be in its raw form.  Which means that conventional chocolate bars, just don’t cut it.  Conventional chocolate bars have been altered with high fructose corn syrup (GMO) as well as other ingredients that are less than amazing for you.  Not to mention the cacao has been heated, which leaves the bar null and void of health benefits.  In fact, it offers the exact opposite!

Raw chocolate OR Cacao on the other hand is DELUXE!  Left in an un-altered state, Cacao is packed with antioxidants (40 times the amount contained in Blueberries), and is full of Magnesium and Calcium.  One of my favourite things about cacao (besides the incredible taste!) is it contains this amazing neurotransmitter called Anandamide.  “Ananda” if a Sanskrit word for bliss, and has been associated with inspires, motivates and increases pleasure; leaving you feeling simply blissful.

Check out SoulShine’s recipe for Chaga Hot Chocolate!  Total maximized goodness J