Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is formed from the combination of microscopic pollen grains that bees collect and nectar.

Bee keepers collect the pollen from the bees by placing a collection device at the entrance to the hive which collects in between 10-50% of the pollen leaving the remainder for the hive.

For decades, researchers, scientists and physicians have been studying the health benefits of pollen.  Some of the reported benefits are:

·      Increase energy, endurance, stamina, mental clarity

·      Strengthens the immune system and ability to heal

·      May help alleviate allergies, particularly if pollen is from your geographical area/community

·      Slow down aging process

·      The Lecithin content of bee pollen can aid in lowering cholesterol

An interesting fact, is that bee pollen cannot be made in a laboratory; even when all of the known nutrients are present.  This lends itself to the magic that surrounds the honey bee.  There is a mysterious element that bees add which cannot be replicated by man.

BEE pollen is an alkalizing food and contains:

·      B vitamins

·      Trace minerals (boron, copper, iodine, iron & selenium)

·      22 amino acids

Use in smoothies, oats, yogurt, sprinkle on cereal or on top of other dishes

*it is important as I mentioned to make sure the pollen that you get is from the area that you live** get to know your local apiarist!