SoulShine Bubbly

So to start this off, I have to say that I love a good glass of vino (as does Val) But lately, I find myself steering more and more away from having wine as a ‘go to’ after work bevy.  Not to mention, I always seem to being doing some cleanse or detox that cuts out all alcohol :D This is where yummy Kombucha comes in, especially after the second ferment.  Once you finish fermenting your batch of Kombucha, you can add on another few days, minus the SCOBY, and end up with a delicious flavoured bubbly drink.  I love to take this to parties, and pour it into a wine glass and sip away.  It is also makes a nice host/hostess gift, especially if you find a cool vintage bottle to put it in, and a little homemade label! SO CUTE :p

 Anyway!  Here is what you’ll need:

 ·      3 x 500ml flip top bottles

·      1L of your Kombucha

·      1, 2 or 3 of your favourite organic juice (sugar free)

*The theory of a double ferment is, that by adding some natural sugars via the juice, the Kombucha continues to ferment due to the high amount of probiotics and as it ferments it leaves you with a nice fizzy drink.



1.    Place ¼ C of juice into each of the bottles

2.    Fill the rest with Kombucha

3.    Seal the flip lids and set on your counter

4.    ‘burp’ your Kombucha each day, for 3-5 days (flip open the lid and let the gases come out)

5.    on the 5th day, they should be finished! 

Try it out, and if you are happy with the amount of fizz, place it in the refrigerator so you can enjoy it nice and chilled.  If you want some more bubbles, then let it be and keep checking and burping, until you are happy with the taste!